Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Honey, I'm home!

Here we are in OUR home, our small apartment in that huge block near the Greenbelt lake. This is our home! It is the only block of apartments in the area. It is next to the Greenbelt Lake! We will talk about it some time in the future.

Hmmm... I don't like this photo, it's too dark! Let's go closer and see some colors.

Too much green? Oh, don't worry, we have many other colors too ;) Spring time in Maryland is just amazing!

Let's get indoors now! Ladies first...

That's a really glamorous entrance, isn't it?
On the other hand, our apartment's door is so .....While entering, you can see our new purchases: the SAMSUNG TV and the PANASONIC phone. :D . Powered by Comcast ! This is how it usually looks like, i.e. turned off. We only use it to watch Southpark, Family Guy and Spongebob Squarepants ! (This means that we have already watched Friends and The Simpsons !!)

Fairy is the only one that gets in the kitchen to cook and whatever else, but this is CsLaKoNaS' corner in there.

Now, we introduce you our pets:

This is Maestro Mouse, we adopted him from the Kennedy Center almost a month ago.

This is our little pig...
We can say that it is our creature as we invented the logo on its side
Tough times call for tough measures! We save 1 coin dollar for every good sex we have. We are really proud of our credit score!

These turtles use to add salt and paper in our life
That's enough! Don't disturb them any more, they try too hard to have a baby...

And our last presented pet, the little Panda... He sleeps on fairy's side every night and never snores.
( On the contrary, CsLaKoNaS just cannot help himself on this !!)

Let's turn to CsLaKoNaS' games ! This is his robot
and this is the old witch...original games from Prague for my big boy !

Well that's all for the moment. Hope you enjoyed our home. If not that's ok ! We are about to move to Nation's Capital soon.

Be well !!


{.πavλος.} said...

very nice...and so much nature around...lucky who lives in such an environment...have a nice day...kalimera :)

mariposa said...

καλημερα!!!πρεπει να μενετε σε πολυ ομορφη περιοχη..μου αρεσε τρελα!!!τα χελωνακια λατρεψα!!! αλατοπιπερο ητανε???χαχαχαχ!! ο κουμπαρας τρομερη ιδεα!!χαχχαχα

να στε καλα!!!!!!!!!

Asteroid said...

A piggy "Sex Bank"!.. Now, that's a great concept I 'm gonna adopt and embrace immediately.
I 'll have to make a few changes, though. I 'll make it "one coin for every single time I have sex, just sex, god or bad no matter..." Otherwise, getting a coin in its belly doesn't seem real likely!!!

Nature looks nice around the building, C & F! Enjoy...

fairy said...

@ {.πavλος.} :
nature is really wonderful here :)
however, living out of the city is boring sometimes... That's why we want to move in D.C.
Have a nice spring day :)

fairy said...

@ mariposa:
Ναι, είναι όμορφα εδώ, που να δεις και τη λίμνη σε επόμενη ανάρτηση...
Τα χελωνάκια είναι αλατοπίπερο!!! (δώρο της μαμάς του :) )
Ο κουμπαράς είναι φοβερός, και εμείς τον λατρεύουμε και ψάχνουμε την καλύτερη θέση γι'αυτόν.
Φιλιά πολλά!

fairy said...

@ Asteroid:
So, you like our piggy so much...! :)
Sex is good (and worthy) anyway...

Nature is lovely here!
We enjoy every single day together!
Have a nice day! C.U.

Miss Pink said...

super το σπιτάκι..
να είστε γεροί και αγαπημένοι να το χαρείτε..
εμένα τώρα που μου άρεσε αυτός ο κατσουλής στην τελευταία φώτο ;)
γενικά μου αρέσουν τα παράξενα και "άσχημα" πράγματα :Ρ
τι ακριβώς είναι??? :)

fairy said...

@ Miss Pink:
Καλό είναι το σπίτι, αλλά ελπίζουμε το επόμενο να είναι καλύτερο!
Λοιπόν, αυτό στην τελευταία εικόνα είναι ένα παιχνίδι από Πράγα. Είναι μια μάγισσα. Πιέζεις το κάτω μέρος των ξύλων προς τα μέσα και η μάγισσα με την σκούπα της κάνουν... κωλοτούμπα (γύρω από το σχοινάκι που είναι κρεμασμένη). Είναι λίγο άσχημη, αλλά είναι και χαριτωμένη :)

ΙωάννηςΚ (πρώην ioannisk) said...

Very nice pictures and I somewhat envy you about your sexual performance :)

fairy said...

@ ΙωάννηςΚ (πρώην ioannisk):
Don't be jealous...
Anyone can have good sex, you just need to find the one that can make it work :)

δεσποιναριον said...

Beautiful! April is the best month to take pictures in Maryland. Looking at the little mouse, I went back many years, when I brought my stuffed doll " Tsoflis " along in Columbus. Tsoflis is still around and will always be my "oldest son"
Filia mora mou!

fairy said...

@ δεσποιναριον:
Not just in Maryland, in the whole D.C. area I think... :)
You must love Tsoflis really much!
I haven't brought any doll with me here, but I have to bring my koala as soon as possible!!
Kisses :*

Ephemeron said...

Με υγεια!
Εγω δυστυχως εχω συνηθισει να ζω εδω τοσο πολυ, που καθε φορα που παω Αθηνα αισθανομαι φοβερη κλειστοφοβία, (παρ ολο οτι γεννηθηκα και μεγαλωσα εκει...)

SK said...

Καλά να περνάτε. Και καλή άνοιξη!

fairy said...

@ Ephemeron
Σε ευχαριστούμε :)
είναι που με τόσα δέντρα εδώ έχεις ξεσυνηθήσει το καυσαέριο και το μπετόν της Αθήνας...
Εγώ, πάντως, είμαι λίγο καιρό εδώ και μου λείπει η Αθήνα. Γενικά μου λείπει η Ελλάδα, ειδικά τώρα που καλοκαιριάζει... :(

fairy said...

@ SK:
Σε ευχαριστούμε πολύ!!
βλέπω και εσύ USA... και μάλιστα New York (αν δεν κάνω λάθος).
Καλό υπόλοιπο στην άνοιξη!

SK said...

Ναι, Upstate NY, στο Syracuse.
Τα περισσότερα χρόνια μου στην Αμερική, όμως, τα πέρασα στη Βοστώνη.

Anonymous said...

σουπερ το σπιτικο!!!μπραβο baby!!!

fairy said...

@ ελεγεια:
ευχαριστούμε, και ελπίζουμε σύντομα να το κάνουμε ακόμα καλύτερο :)

συνvεφάκι said...

Τέλειο το σπιτάκι σασ.Να το χαρείτε.Τα χελωνάκια είναι απίστευτα.

fairy said...

@ συνvεφάκι:
αυτά τα χελωνάκια μας τα λάτρεψαν όλοι!!!
Και συ καλά να περνάς!