Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome to the National Zoo

It was a late December sunny Friday morning when we decided to go to the Zoo. I wanted to see some pandas and giraffes and CsLaKoNaS wanted to see some lions and tigers... We were wandering in the zoo for half an hour but there were no animals, no employees, nothing! Eh, what's going on over here? Where was everybody?
Okay, we got it! Although it was sunny, it was also December thus really really cold. The animals were their winter shelters. So, we started visiting the shelters. The first one was the one with the pandas (by the way it is also the D.C. metro's official mascot).
When we entered the shelter, we saw Mrs Panda having launch...
She is a real lady, she chops her meal and eats small morsels. On the contrary, Mr Panda tries to eat the whole branch at once!

Unfortunately, the little Panda was not at home at that moment (kids.....), so we didn't manage to take a picture of it.
We let the Panda's family have their meal and went to visit the other mammals.
On the way to the next shelter we met this guy

No, he is not CsLaKoNaS!!!!! It's just a pony.

Here we are.... Lets see the small mammals.

The first to see was this simian, but I can't remember its race :(
You can see the male climbing on the branches and his wife sitting over their bed (woman stays home, while her husband tries to find some extra food).

The next animals are also simians.
Geoffroy's Marmoset:
Golden Lion Tamarin:
Red Ruffed Lemur:
Pale-headed Saki (eating a corn):
Now, we present you the rodents.... They are cute!
Prevost's Squirrel:
Rock Cavy:
Black-tailed Prairie Dog:
Chinchilla (a sleeping couple):
Rock Hyrax:
Small Madagascar Tenrec:
Slender-tailed Meerkat (this was CsLaKoNaS' favorite, he took more than twenty photos of it. Well, on his defense it was really funny. We stood there for like half an hour and while one could see the rest of the Meerkats running around; this one was standing still the way you see it. All the time. It was monitoring the rest Meerkats, like a Life-Guard or something.) :

Banded Mongoose:
That's enough for my post. The next post will have more pictures from the zoo. I'll just give you a taste of the next post that CsLaKoNaS is going to upload:
Have a nice week and take care! Bye!!!


mariposa said...

μμμμμμμμ τι ωραιο το παντα!!!! το επομενο θα εχει θεμα ενυδριο??? αγαπημενοοοοοοο κισσσ

fairy said...

τα πάντα είναι πάρα πολύ ωραία...Τα βλέπεις έτσι αφράτα και θέλεις να τα πάρεις αγκαλίτσα! Βέβαια, πρέπει να μυρίζουν πολύ... :(
Το επόμενο θα έχει απίστευτα χρώματα από το ενυδρίο, ερπετά(γγγγρρρρρ) και κάποια άλλα άγρια ζώα. Του άφησα να ανεβάσει όλα τα καλά :p

ΙωάννηςΚ (πρώην ioannisk) said...

Very nice pictures. Last time that I went to a zoo it was with my nephew 3-4 years ago in Greece.

fairy said...

@ ΙωάννηςΚ (πρώην ioannisk):
They are really cute animals... :)
I think that you should visit a zoo again (take another nephew and go!). :)

ΙωάννηςΚ (πρώην ioannisk) said...

I want to but we do not live in the same country :(

fairy said...

ΙωάννηςΚ (πρώην ioannisk):
then take some others' nephew and go ;)

συνvεφάκι said...

Είναι πολύ γλυκούλια αλλά ειδικά το πάντα το λάτρεψα.

SK said...

Πέρασα από τη γειτονιά σου το περασμένο Σαββατοκύριακο: έκανα Memorial Day στην Ουάσινγκτον.

fairy said...

@ συνvεφάκι:
γλύκες τα πάντα.... ;)

fairy said...

πρέπει να είχε μαζέψει πολύ κόσμο η Ουάσινγκτον εκείνο το τριήμερο.
Καλά να περνάς στη ΝΥ!!!