Friday, March 26, 2010

Fairy's home...

Hi all!

This is fairy, CsLaKoNaS' other half. :)
He uses to call me village girl. OK, he is right! I come from a small village, the one in the photo below.

It is called Orion, which means limit, and it exists from the ancient times. It is located in the east side of the island Evia or Euboea.

Evia is a large island in the Aegean Sea which is connected with Sterea Ellada via two bridges, the small and old one (first photo) and the bigger and newer one (second photo below).

It has many archeological monuments, especially from the Frankish period. The next two photos show a Frankish tower and a fortress.

There are also many byzantine churches in the region:

(Now, after almost a decate, you can see this church without any scaffold.)
In Evia, you can enjoy mountains and the sea:

This is our highest mountain:

Look! A lake on the top of the mountain... ;-) -It must be frozen...
Please, do not swim!

Oh, look at there! Now you can swim! You have to swim, they are some of our best beaches, really clean waters.

Well, that's enough for my first post here. Now, it's CsLaKoNaS' turn to post sth about Crete.
See you!
Kisses!!!! (smats ! !)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello World !

Greetings fellow web-citizens,

This is fairy and CsLaKoNaS, a couple of bloggers and a couple of lovers as well. We will share this blog-spot daring to unfold both of these two privileges of ours, via photo-stories. We come from Greece but we live in the United States of America.

Welcome to our common blog!

Here, we want to narrate our life and experiences in the Land of Dreams. So that's the story behind 'UniteDreaming'. It can be Dreams of a united couple, or Dreaming in the United States or even United in the Land of Dreams. Several variations of stories and pictures describing the same thing. A united life of love and dreams or the love of a united dreamed life.

Although Greeks, we shall keep it English...