Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our first walk in D.C.

It seems that CsLaKoNaS will not post anything else here...
I was waiting him to post our first walk in D.C. I was waiting for three months...
So, I am writing this post on my own. :p

Here we are! This is our first walk in Washington D.C. together...
We have just got out of the Federal Triangle metro station.

This is the first picture I took. It is just the building of SunTrust Bank, but I liked it.

This is the US Treasury Building. The building is right next to the White House, and once housed the Department of Justice.

The statue you see is Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury.

This is one of the statues in Lafayette Square:

He is Marquis de Lafayette, a
French aristocrat who came over to serve in General Washington's army in the American Revolutionary War and became a very close lifelong friend of George Washington.

I think that everyone knows what the next photo is. It is the White House. Don't try, you can see neither Barack nor Michelle.

This is an old office building near White House. It really looks like a dollhouse...

This is the statue of
Tadeusz Kościuszko in Lafayette Square. He is a national hero in Poland, Lithuania, the United States and Belarus.

The Renwick Gallery, a branch of the Smithsonian American Art Museum:

The next statue is the First Division Monument and commemorates those who died while serving in the 1st Infantry Division of the US Army.

And this is the back side of the White House with the famous oval office ;)

Just a fountain. Okay CS, I like taking stupid photos... What's your problem? :p

The next photo is the
Washington Monument, the obelisk.

The obelisk and the
Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.
Every single time that CsLaKoNaS sees this photo, he is thinking of the scene in the Forrest Gump movie.

and here is
Lincoln looking at his reflecting pool...

That's enough with the monuments, now a taste of the capital's nature...

These were some photos of our first walk in D.C.
Now, one year and a half later, we live in D.C. together... :)

Have a good night and take care....

PS: CsLaKoNaS will upload soon some photos of our visit in New York City (I will make him do so).

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The National Zoo (part II)

Hello everybody,

Did you miss us ? We surely did! We continue our day at the National Zoo 2 months after the first entry (click here) (!!!) OK one does not to spend THAT much time there but it is really awesome. Recently we heared that there is a bunch of new arrivals at the zoo...these include elephants, camels, lions and giraffes... It's a pity we didn't find see any of them back in December, but it was the under-construction and renovation period...

Anyway what we saw was spectacular enough. We finish our visit with this entry.

Lets get away from the fairy's small mammals :

and meet some more interesting living beings.....

To begin with some impressive, the American Alligator (just the eye, he was hidden):
Coral community:
Coral Reef community:
Colorful Anemones:
a different kind of crabs:
Giant Octopus:
a huge Lobster:
Gila monster:
Veiled chameleon:
Green anaconda:Cuban crocodile:
Inland Bearded Dragon:
Grand Cayman Iguana:

Sumatran Tiger:
OK the last one was kind of blurred but's CsLaKoNaS who's shooting!

We will see you soon !

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The greatest bliss.

... My everything for such a music box !

...and then the music box, for my Papagena.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome to the National Zoo

It was a late December sunny Friday morning when we decided to go to the Zoo. I wanted to see some pandas and giraffes and CsLaKoNaS wanted to see some lions and tigers... We were wandering in the zoo for half an hour but there were no animals, no employees, nothing! Eh, what's going on over here? Where was everybody?
Okay, we got it! Although it was sunny, it was also December thus really really cold. The animals were their winter shelters. So, we started visiting the shelters. The first one was the one with the pandas (by the way it is also the D.C. metro's official mascot).
When we entered the shelter, we saw Mrs Panda having launch...
She is a real lady, she chops her meal and eats small morsels. On the contrary, Mr Panda tries to eat the whole branch at once!

Unfortunately, the little Panda was not at home at that moment (kids.....), so we didn't manage to take a picture of it.
We let the Panda's family have their meal and went to visit the other mammals.
On the way to the next shelter we met this guy

No, he is not CsLaKoNaS!!!!! It's just a pony.

Here we are.... Lets see the small mammals.

The first to see was this simian, but I can't remember its race :(
You can see the male climbing on the branches and his wife sitting over their bed (woman stays home, while her husband tries to find some extra food).

The next animals are also simians.
Geoffroy's Marmoset:
Golden Lion Tamarin:
Red Ruffed Lemur:
Pale-headed Saki (eating a corn):
Now, we present you the rodents.... They are cute!
Prevost's Squirrel:
Rock Cavy:
Black-tailed Prairie Dog:
Chinchilla (a sleeping couple):
Rock Hyrax:
Small Madagascar Tenrec:
Slender-tailed Meerkat (this was CsLaKoNaS' favorite, he took more than twenty photos of it. Well, on his defense it was really funny. We stood there for like half an hour and while one could see the rest of the Meerkats running around; this one was standing still the way you see it. All the time. It was monitoring the rest Meerkats, like a Life-Guard or something.) :

Banded Mongoose:
That's enough for my post. The next post will have more pictures from the zoo. I'll just give you a taste of the next post that CsLaKoNaS is going to upload:
Have a nice week and take care! Bye!!!