Monday, January 17, 2011

I ♥ NY

Hey Fellas !

This is CsLaKoNaS. Fairy keeps mumbling that I do not really care about this blog, so I don't care about her, hence I don't love her etc etc...Well what can I say? Women...

So this time I want to take you tour to NY. This is our first and only trip to this great city. Generally speaking cities do not impress me. This is the rule and NY is it's exception! So here we go... We traveled by car (I love traveling with the car) and stayed at a rather cheap hotel in Times Square! Please bear with my really really bad photos. Thank you in advance :)

So this is the Times Square. Always crowdy ... kitsch yet classy....

Since we are talking about kitsch we felt like acting like we took the sight-seeing tour-bus ! In fact, although kind of lame, this is an effective way for a first touch with the city, isn't it ?

Despite the bold head of our colored friend present in the majority of the photos I hope you get the idea that we really had a very good time!

Ground zero:

All in all it was worth the money. You had the chance to see numerous stuff within a couple of hours. Next day we were on our own...We climbed to the Empire State Building. Believe it or not, it took us less than 3o minutes to the Top !

Although was awesome!

The Central Park

We were really lucky. The average estimated waiting time is more than 2 hrs. We saw that as soon as we went down...Unprecedented scrimmage ! Anyway after the 9/11 the Empire State building is the highest one in Manhattan.

However, as soon as, my poor little fairy and I came across this building,

she readily objected that 'this just cannot be the "higher" building' ! :))) OK fine, you can mock her ( as I have been doing since ) ! She was not that fluent in English back then...But she is getting better...

Now opposite to the Cathedral

Stand the Rockefeller Center:
with Atlas...

Now, we can't remember this church, but it is really impressive...
Where's my Waldo ??
Oh, there she is !!

She is in Central Park !

A lame view of the Plaza !!!
Leaving the city that never sleeps... via the Brooklyn Bridge...
...every corner of it reminds you that.... everything is normal :)

Take care...fellas !!