Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The National Zoo (part II)

Hello everybody,

Did you miss us ? We surely did! We continue our day at the National Zoo 2 months after the first entry (click here) (!!!) OK one does not to spend THAT much time there but it is really awesome. Recently we heared that there is a bunch of new arrivals at the zoo...these include elephants, camels, lions and giraffes... It's a pity we didn't find see any of them back in December, but it was the under-construction and renovation period...

Anyway what we saw was spectacular enough. We finish our visit with this entry.

Lets get away from the fairy's small mammals :

and meet some more interesting living beings.....

To begin with some impressive, the American Alligator (just the eye, he was hidden):
Coral community:
Coral Reef community:
Colorful Anemones:
a different kind of crabs:
Giant Octopus:
a huge Lobster:
Gila monster:
Veiled chameleon:
Green anaconda:Cuban crocodile:
Inland Bearded Dragon:
Grand Cayman Iguana:

Sumatran Tiger:
OK the last one was kind of blurred but's CsLaKoNaS who's shooting!

We will see you soon !