Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday 2010

It's Friday morning, it is sunny and CsLaKoNaS is at school. He is bored and he calls me. We decide to go for a walk to the Mall...
So, here we are! We have parked our car and start walking in this wonderful neighborhood. A squirrel on a tree is our first photo (then we loved them).

This neighborhood is really nice... There are only row-houses and all of them have gardens. So many colors... I've just loved it!

After half an hour walking, we are close to the Capitol.

The gardens there are really nice and the colors of the tulips wonderful!

We go closer to the Capitol and take some pictures.

And the other side of the Capitol, the one looking at the Washington Monument:

Here is how the Capitol sees the Washington Monument

and how the Washington Monument sees the Capitol

There is a guy on his horse standing in front of the Capitol, but I have no idea who he is...

Now we are just getting away from the Capitol looking for some place to drink our coffee and have some rest.
We have finished our coffee and it is time to eat something. However, CsLaKoNaS decided to feed this little squirrel and not me!

The result? It bit him! And we spent the evening not at a nice restaurant but at the hospital having some test...

What we got from that walk one year ago? DO NOT FEED WILD ANIMALS!

Have a nice afternoon! :)